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Hope all is well!  This past Saturday my friend and I drove to Los Angeles for a one day road trip to go fabric shopping.  We made the trip about a month ago, but we had to go again over the weekend, because there were sales going on at a couple of our favorite fabric stores that we just could not miss!  Many of the fabric stores and vendors are downtown L.A. in the Fashion District.  Interestingly, the times I have made the trip to L.A, I have never ventured outside of the blocks filled with fabric.  I had only been to a bridal store near the area with another friend, but it was almost closing time in the district.  Therefore, I didn’t see much of anything.  Since my friend drove in this time around, I was able to glance some of the clothing and accessory vendors along the way.  A workout suit caught both of our eyes and we agreed to go take a look at it at some point while down there.  After digging through boxes of fabric, we needed a short break. So we decided to take it by walking down “The Alley”.  OMG!  It literally is a long alley filled with vendor shops, selling all sorts of merchandise, clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories…cute stuff…for cheap!!!  Now, I was determined to stay on budget (although that went out the door by the time we went on to the second round of fabric shopping); so I didn’t go crazy buying stuff.  I did pick up a few accessories and the workout suit.  Between these two past road trips, we discussed being okay not going back for several months (i.e. August) to fabric shop.  However, now that I know about “The Alley”, I can’t be too sure, LOL!

Ok, let’s get into this week’s DIY look.  A floral knit blazer…

I wanted to make this blazer using a woven or stretch woven, initially.  However, I realized that the pattern was designed with a one piece vs. a two piece sleeve and I do not particularly care for one piece sleeves on blazers made with woven type fabrics.  I find that I don’t like the structure or movement of the sleeve.

To demonstrate the difference between a one piece vs. two piece sleeve blazer, I took a side by side of line art from two different patterns.  If you notice, the one on the left does not show any seaming.  There is only one stitch made along the inner sleeve to stitch it together.  Whereas, the picture on the right is a two piece sleeve.  If you notice, there is a seam running slightly pass the center back (another seam runs along the seam in the front as well).  You have to stitch two pieces together to create one whole sleeve.  To me the seaming is what gives the sleeve a more structured and tailored look; and in my opinion, looks best for non-knit fabrics or stretch woven types.  Also a two piece sleeve is needed for creating sleeve vents and adding buttons like this specific example.

Now, I do like the look of a one piece sleeve on knit blazers.  I think knit blazers have a less structured and more relaxed feel.  So I immediately thought of this fabric, which I found at The Loft in L.A. during my January fabric haul.  Since I am starting to develop this newfound like of stitching knit and my knit blazer inventory has dwindled down to one due to donating…I said of course I am going to make this!

Now this pattern does not require a lining, but I lined this jacket with stretch pongee. The wrong side of my fabric is covered in a mesh overlay and I kept snagging it with my fingernails.  I did not feel it was necessary so much to line the sleeves, so I guess this is a partial lining.

To add a nice finishing touch I added this red-orangish seam tape along the back facing.  I really like the contrast of the tape with the color of the navy and I am calling the other color citron.

This pattern is designed with cuffed sleeves and lovely patch pockets that just sort of blend in with the jacket.

Once I was pretty much done with the jacket, I felt it needed a little something extra.  Maybe it’s because my friend asked me to make him a couple pocket squares…or maybe it’s because while sewing this, I watched the New Edition story (over and over) and they wore pocket squares during their performances…that caused me to think, subliminally, that my blazer needed one too!  So I used a little scrap lining fabric from my red lace dress and made a faux pocket and pocket square.  I love how this little addition really gave the blazer a little pop factor.

Well that’s all for this week.  I have something on deck to be photographed with hopes of posting it for next week.  One of my good friends (she knows who she is) is so great about texting me when I let too many days go by without posting on my blog, LOL.  She always starts the message out encouraging and uplifting and then tells me to get it together!  Those are the sorts of people I need in my life.  To be quite honest, it’s been a matter of having a hectic work schedule, losing daylight by 5 p.m., and sheer laziness of not feeling like going out to photograph, LOL! With that being said, forgive me if you start seeing a lot more of my pics being taken on my balcony like in previous weeks (I am going through a phase, plus it simplifies my photo’ing process, ahaha)!

Yours truly, Tee

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20 thoughts on “DIY Blazer: New Look 6035 View B

    1. Thank you JeTua. I have had this one for a while too. I am trying to sew through my patterns and fabric as much as possible, lol…so hard when new stuff comes out though.

  1. That fabric is so perfect with jeans. I’m quite envious of your fabric shopping sprees, (although my stash is huge.) I agree – a one piece sleeve is much better for a knit blazer and I love the cut of yours.

    1. Thanks so much Candice! The only adjustment I made was to shorten it at the waist, otherwise, no other real fitting adjustments which is always nice!

  2. Ms. Maggie, simply beautiful!!! I just love your choice in fabric you use for the blazer. I love what you did with pocket square!!!! and I love your blog! Keep coming with the inspiration!!!

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