DIY Jumpsuit McCall’s M7626 for Fabric Mart

Hi All and Happy Holidays!

I hope all is well!  My sewing has been a little slower these days for numerous reasons, one because my “sew-jo” has been running a little low these days, like I am embarrassed to admit it, but…I “bought” myself some new clothes, lol.  Secondly, I sprained my thumb back in November trying out a boot camp workout class.  It was during the warm-ups, sigh.  But in my defense it was such an awkward exercise.  So the move was to squat, then rotate your arms backwards, and fall back on your hands.

The smart part of my brain was telling me, GIRL, YOU BETTER NOT FALL BACK ON YOUR HANDS, THAT AIN’T RIGHT!  But the “other” part of my brain said, GIRL, THESE OTHER WOMEN IN HERE ARE DOING IT SO CAN YOU.  Needless to say, the smart part of my brain is, well, smarter and that part gloated in my head, ” I told you so, you should have listened to me,” as I waited in the ER the next morning to get my thumb examined.

It started getting better up until two weeks ago when it began reverting back to not-so great.  Yesterday, I saw a hand specialist for follow-up.  He said that with a general sprain he would expect it to be back to normal after 6 weeks, but since there is still swelling and limited range of motion in my thumb there is some damage to the ligaments.  Now it is just a matter of going in this week for an MRI to determine the grade of the ligament sprain.  I told him as long as it wasn’t a grade that required surgery I was fine, lol.   At least now I can still use my thumb enough to sew a little at a time (and pop a pain pill or two afterwards).  Currently, I have a new splint that the doctor put on to make sure I keep it immobilized (something I have been bad at doing).  More than likely, he feels that I will only need hand therapy, so that is a very good thing!

However, before I got my new splint, I finished up my jumpsuit for Fabric Mart.  So let’s get into this week’s DIY look.  I made this jumpsuit using MCCall’s M7626, View D.

Image result for MCcalls M7626

I really loved the paprika stretch woven fabric from Fabric Mart that I used to create this look.  It was great to sew and has enough stretch without becoming too stretched out where it changes the final fit.  Another thing that I noticed is, it did not wrinkle as badly as I would have expected.  I would say this fabric goes into the category of one of my favorite fabrics that I have sewn this year.  This is a fabric that I would love to have in every color and I don’t say that loosely.

McCalls’ M7626 is a pattern that I would consider making again.  It is fairly easy to make.  The biggest challenge I had is with the zipper and getting my seams to line up perfectly when I attached the invisible zipper.  Remember that thumb I told you about earlier?  Well although I write with my right hand, I use my left hand a lot.  So with my thumb not bending completely right now, I was having a bit of a challenge getting my seams pinned in place.  Nevertheless, it is not terribly noticeable.  I really loved the wide-legged look of the pants, although I did slim down the width just a bit.

I am sharing a few pictures here ; however, please click on this link to my post on Fabric Mart’s blog and check out what I had to say and more pictures showing the construction of this garment up close.

That’s all I have for this week.  Have a great week!

Yours truly, Tee
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6 thoughts on “DIY Jumpsuit McCall’s M7626 for Fabric Mart

    1. Yes, I agree. Lately I have being seeing a lot of cropped pants that flare. Those don’t work for me at all. They make my short bow-legs look weird, lol. However, I do love a long wide-legged pant.

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