DIY Lace Bomber Jacket: Butterick B6181 Stylish Fabric Vol. 2


Hope all is well.  I have to tell you that it is getting really late as I type this and despite drinking a grande Americano from Starbucks, I am sleepy.  Lately, I have not been able to fight my sleep.  Therefore, I am going to jump right into this week’s DIY look, before all of my words begin to look like this “adhgf’aikrdfg]ua9’or taeraq”  on the screen, LOL.  Trust me it has happened before.  So without further ado…

Let’s get into this week’s DIY look… a lace bomber jacket.

So if you recall my last post, I made a split back lace top using gorgeous vintage-inspired Lourdes Princess lace from Stylish Fabric (if you missed it click here).  I mentioned that I had this lace in seafoam green.  Well, I decided to make Butterick B6181 with it. The seafoam color can be found here and feel free to use my code: Tee for 15% off sitewide!

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I lined the front and back panels of my jacket with a lovely seafom rayon jersey knit also from Stylish Fabric that can be found by clicking here.  This fabric feels so soft against your skin.  I attached the lace and knit by serging it together to make one fabric piece.

I left the sleeves unlined, because you know how I love to show off the beauty of lace.  This jacket also has pockets made using the rayon jersey knit.

Initially, I planned to make my cuffs, lower band, and collar in knit, but decided to use scrap ribbed trim that I had in my stash that I found at an outlet store in Los Angeles.   I had already sewn the bottom band on, but when it became time to attach the collar and the cuffs, I chose to double up the ribbed fabric.  I like the additional weight and final finish that doubling the fabric added.

The collar gave me the blues (no pun intended).  Seriously, I really had no idea how to make it work with this trim.
I ended up using just the curve of the pattern for the front ends of the collar and made the rest of the collar straight.It looked great, right?!?!?Except the fit was very, very, very off….sigh.Honestly, I was very lost on how to correct the fit for the collar.  So I ended up shortening the collar a couple of times to get it to look passable.  As a result of shortening the length of the collar, I had to gather the shoulders and back panel to fit.  In restrospect, the trim seems to be too wide and perhaps I should have trimmed down the width.The one thing I would like to go back and do is to double up my bottom band to give it that same sturdy and finished look as the collar and cuffs.  I just couldn’t do it after fighting with the collar for a few hours, my brain was spent, LOL.I used a 24 inch separating sports zipper.Overall, I felt this jacket came together nicely and I love the color of the lace and knit, along with the contrasting ribbed trim.

Don’t forget to check out Stylish Fabric for your fabric needs at!  Use code: Tee for 15% off sitewide.

Also congrats to two of my awesome subscribers/readers that won sewing boxes from Stylish Fabrics!  They should be mailed out to you soon!  I hope you enjoy!

Yours truly, Tee
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20 thoughts on “DIY Lace Bomber Jacket: Butterick B6181 Stylish Fabric Vol. 2

  1. Thanks for sharing all of the collar details, as it makes me feel better about my own challenges with this particular issue. I like what you did with the shaping of it, and I think that is a start to the solution.

    1. Thanks Linda! It was for sure a challenge. I have to watch the McCall’s video that Rena in the comments suggested to make it easier for the next time!

    1. It’s hot in Vegas, but when you go indoors, air conditioners are blasting! So this will be nice to carry around. Thanks Faye!

  2. Mccalls did a sewalong with this pattern and the mccalls bomber pattern last fall and discussed changing the collar to ribbing. You could check their blog? I love this jacket so much!

    1. Oh, that’s great to know!! I will try to find it, because I definitely want to see how it is done for future reference. Thanks Rena!

    1. Thanks Angela! The color is amazing! Check out Stylish Fabric’s website, they had a few color options in Lourdes Princess lace. I feel like I saw this in coral too. So pretty!

  3. Nice jacket! I like the contrast between the lace and the athletic ribbing. What a creative way to use the lace in a non-traditional way!

  4. Love it!!! the color contrast is really interesting as well as the see-through lace and underlined.
    These pics are giving me “Mami from the Bronx” lol YES!

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