DIY Vintage Butterick 6864 Floral Maxi Wrap Dress


Hope you are well.  Recently, I became the proud owner of a plethora of vintage patterns!  A nice woman in a sewing machine class I was in last month gave me two plastic totes and one box full of vintage patterns that she had accumulated over time.  Not to mention lots of Burda magazines, sewing books, and fabric!  I had such a wonderful time going through the patterns and discussing them with folks on Instagram.  There were patterns from the 1930s on up.  I even saw one in there dated from the 1920s.   I learned that back in the day, ladies ordered patterns from their local newspaper.  Some of the patterns are still in the original envelopes that were sent to their homes with the newspaper clipping of the patterns.  Sewing History!!!  I told her that I would share any that I could not use with others.  I ended up sharing a box full of smaller sized patterns with one of my sewing friends who has become obsessed with vintage patterns lately.  She came over this past weekend and had the same awe-struck reaction that I had going through everything.  So much fun!

So let’s get into this week’s DIY look.  This look was made using one of the “new” vintage patterns that I received, as well as, some of the fabric that was given to me.  The pattern is Butterick 6864 and the fabric is a beautiful floral rayon challis.

The timing worked out perfectly, because I showcased this dress on Instagram for the #EasterSpringDress2017 challenge started by Judith from Judith Dee Creations and Akram from Akram’s Ideas.

This dress could not have been any easier to make (about six pattern pieces).  I still have the pieces laid out, because I want to make this dress a few more times.  I must say, I don’t really sew clothes for others, but my preggars baby cousin was in town visiting and tried this dress on and looked too adorable in it, so I “may” have to whip one up for her, lol.  Since this is a wrap dress, she will have room to expand over the next few months.

I hemmed my dress at about 7/8ths vs. the allowed 3 inches.  I love when a maxi dress barely skims the ground.  This length is perfect for low heels and flats.

I forgot to take photos of the inside of the dress; however, there is an inner tie fastening the dress together on one side.  The belt or sash secures the dress together on the other side.

Well that’s all for this week, a pretty straight  forward project, but I loved it so much that I wanted to share it on the blog.  These patterns and Burda Sewing Magazines came at the right time, because I have been really interested in trying to find sewing projects that are not just restricted to what’s in the fabric stores currently. When I sew these up, I envision adding a modern flare to a vintage style.

Have a great week!  Until next time…

Yours truly, Tee
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8 thoughts on “DIY Vintage Butterick 6864 Floral Maxi Wrap Dress

  1. Major hearts on that floral print and floor length maxi! And all those patterns?!? What a score! You’ll never need to buy another pattern again… hmm, then again, can one have too many patterns? lol

  2. Love it! I have some “I put this on when I don’t feel like getting dressed” dresses that are falling apart. I wanted to make a few that were more dressy that I could wear outside but couldn’t decide on the style. Then I saw your post–it’s comfy, stylish, versatile, can be dressed up or down. Score on those patterns. Retro/Vintage is trending now.

    1. Yes! This dress is so comfy while still being cute! I want to make it in more colors for sure! Very easy breezy for the spring/summer! Thanks Robin

  3. I was all excited about the maxi dress and I thought you had made it with pregnant Kristin in mind. 😂 I love the flow of the dress too.

    1. Hi, I am going to keep them and I am wrapping my mind around tracing them out to make, lol. Really cool patterns, it will be my first time trying Burda magazines out. I did have a few duplicate copies, but I gave those away already.

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