DIY Wrap Shirt McCall’s M7627 Sewing with Fo Alexander and Stylish Fabric


I hope all is well.  Yesterday I crossed a milestone in my life, my last year in my 30s (yes, 39 years old)!  I must tell you that leading up to the day, I was feeling quite down.  There was nothing in particular wrong, but it felt like everything was wrong.  I must tell you I felt this very same way as I started approaching 29.  For me, when that last year of the decade approaches, I begin evaluating my life thinking about what have I accomplished and what progress have I made?  However, like last time, when my birthday rolled around I was overjoyed.  Overjoyed by the excitement of newness, being alive, a fresh start, an out pour of well wishes, etc.  Let’s not forget a total solar eclipse happened yesterday on my birthday!  I feel so blessed and appreciative for every moment I have with my family, friends, and sewing machine.  (Fun Fact:  I didn’t learn to sew until I was in my 30s, so that right there is a major accomplishment and progress all by itself for this decade of life!!! #winning).  Let’s see how I feel when 49 begins approaching (but only looking forward to great things).

So I know it has been a while since I have posted on the blog.  It is not because I haven’t been sewing.  It is more so that I haven’t had the focus or energy to do the things that come along with the blogging part.  I will try to do better in the upcoming months with sharing a bit more consistently, as listed on my “39 year old goals” for the year!  With that being said…

Let’s get into this week’s DIY look…This Wrap Shirt!

First of all, OMG, how beautiful is this top?  I absolutely love this pattern (McCall’s M7627 View B ) with this fantastic fabric from Stylish Fabric.  This is an indigo chambray with woven punched holes and can be found here.

Image result for mccalls 7627

For a little fun, Fo Alexander and I got together and sewed two different views of this pattern using the same fabric.  She made the wrap dress, View C.  How gorgeous is her wrap dress?  Such a classic piece.  Click here to read more about Fo’s experience making this dress and adding a lining.

Fo Alexander writes…

So, let’s start with the pattern.  I absolutely loved the look and styling of view B and thought that view C would be a cute make as well. Ironically, I don’t own any wrap dresses, so this pattern was a perfect addition to my wardrobe.The actual construction of this garment wasn’t hard at all. In fact, it only took a day to make, once cut. The cutting was actually the tedious part for me. I have one word about this pattern…SPACE. You needs lots of space to get these pieces cut out…READ MORE…

I really enjoyed working with this fabric, it was easy to cut and sew.  I pre-washed my fabric in Arm and Hammer Oxi-Clean on a long wash and dried it on medium heat, prior to cutting the fabric.  When using this fabric, pre-washing one or two times will reduce the dye transfer.  I think the detail of the fabric really made this wrap shirt stand out.  The punched holes look like polka dots.  Now this wrap shirt requires a lot of fabric to make.  I used 4 yards; however, I think 4.25 yards is recommended for the size that I made ( I cut between a 12 and 14 in different places).  GUESS WHAT! Stylish Fabric has provided 4 yards of this fabric to giveaway to a lucky winner!  Keep reading for more details.

So let’s talk a little bit about the construction.  I found this pattern easy to make, but I will say it was a lot of “busy” work to get it done.  In general, the bodice and peplum of the top came together rather quickly; however, the sleeves required a little time.

First there are several lines on the sleeves that must be traced from the pattern paper on to the fabric.  I did this by using tracing paper and a good sharp tracing wheel that I scored at an estate sale.  My preferred tracing paper to use is Dritz Disappearing Mark-B-Gone Tracing Paper.  I do not like using Dritz Double-Faced Wax Free Tracing Paper as much, because I find it dry and I don’t feel like I ever see the transfer of the trace onto the fabric very well.  Dritz Mark-B-Gone is slightly moist and must be stored in a plastic bag so that it does not dry out.

When I traced my lines, I went back over them with wax chalk, because Dritz Mark-B-Gone is made to disappear from your fabric within 24 to 72 hours and I was not sure how soon I would get all of the stitching done on the sleeves.

Some of the lines on the sleeve pattern are stitching lines and some are roll lines.    After stitching the sleeve together along the side, I stitched all of the marked lines with a basting stitch and marked the lines that were meant to be rolled with an “R”.  This made it a lot easier for me to differentiate between the lines and also crease the rolls in the proper place.

To create the effect of the sleeve I  folded the fabric along the roll line.  The safety pin shows the first roll line.

Next, I placed the first basted stitching line on top of the next basted stitching line.  This required a little bit of gathering to make the wider part of the lower stitching line fit on top of the upper and more narrow stitching line as I moved up the sleeve.

Once I matched the basted stitching lines up well enough, I stitched along the matched-up basting lines to keep the first roll in place.

This is what the first completed “ruffle puff” looked like when it was turned to the right side.

This process was continued up until I had 3 ruffles.  I actually pressed at my roll lines, to create a flatter look on the sleeve.

I decided not to add the cuff at the bottom of the sleeve as shown in the pattern, because I liked the bell look of the bottom much better.  I finished my sleeve and peplum with a  narrow hem, using my narrow hem foot.  Whenever I am doing a hem, especially on something that is cut on the bias like this peplum, I like to allow my hem to hang out at least a day before I hem it.  This allows the drape of the hem to stretch and fall, so when it is hemmed, it will hang nicely.  Sometimes, if you do not allow the hem to hang out first, your finished hem may end up askew.  I was happy to see the pattern instructions advise allowing the garment to hang overnight before hemming.

I love the details of the pleats at the shoulders and waist (Note: I didn’t take out most of my basting stitches so ignore any place you see them in these pictures, LOL.  I wouldn’t say it is a “bad”habit, but it is a “habit” of mine. )

I especially love the long length and width of the tie belt and how it completely wraps around the body and is tied into a bow in the front.

And of the course the peplum….

I serged the inside of the entire garment and added bias tape around the facing to give the shirt a little more je ne sais quoi.

I want to make this top again, because I think it is so adorable!  Even though it is a lot of top, it is so flattering and wears well.  Plus, I sent my mom a picture of it and she has requested that I put it in the mail and send it to her, LOL!

Okay, as promised here are the details for how you may enter for your chance to win the fabric sponsored by Stylish Fabric as well as this McCall’s pattern:

  1. Comment on both a) my blog post AND b) Fo Alexander’s blog post telling us how you would use the fabric and also which view you would sew with McCall’s M7627 and;
  2. Subscribe to both blogs. 

That’s all!  A winner will be chosen August 25, 2017.  

Also if you are interested in grabbing some of this fabric for yourself, go check out Stylish Fabric and feel free to use my coupon code: Tee for 15% off.

Until next time, be safe.

Yours truly, Tee
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35 thoughts on “DIY Wrap Shirt McCall’s M7627 Sewing with Fo Alexander and Stylish Fabric

  1. First of all your look is so classy and chic. I am stuck between wanting to sew view A because I love a good wrap top but I also love view D. Who doesn’t like a great wrap dress which is flattering on curvy figures especially. I would actually use that fabric to make view D or maybe Mimi G new Jessica pdf pattern that she just modified into a maxi dress. I love dresses no matter what the season we are currently in.

    1. For sure! After I saw it as is without the cuff, I was like I think it is gorgeous as is. People that watched the process on my instastories also agreed, no cuff! Thank you!!

  2. OMG!! This pattern and the fabric are a hit. Both of you ladies did a most magnificent job!!!

    I purchased this pattern in my last purchase and was drawn to View C for the dress and View A for the top (not to sure if I’m ready to tackle those sleeves yet.)

    Loved the bias tape finish — I’m currently obsessed with finishing my garment this way. Oh My Gosh — lining the dress what a undertaking.


    1. Yes, such an amazing pattern with great views! I love her addition of lining. For the dress, a very necessary addition with the punched holes. Thank you!!!

  3. Wow, Maggie Elaine, I don’t know what you are supposed to look like at 39, but you look super, and lovely in your new blouse. Thanks for all the construction details. Love the bias binding on the inside in a contrasting color. Your friend looks beautiful in her dress, as well. I also have never made a wrap dress, and I would use the fabric to make view D of M 7627, but with view A sleeves. I really enjoy your blog posts — thanks.

    1. Lol!!! Thank you so much! The bias tape was a decision I made after serging it all. I thought wow this little detail really brings a lot of value to the top on the inside. I have been trying to do this more often in my makes when I remember, lol.

  4. Thanks for the clear instructions and pictures…. lots of steps but such a beautiful blouse that will go everywhere! Can’t decide if I like the top or dress best since they are both amazing. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh great! As I was typing and taking pictures I was hoping I would convey the process of making the sleeves in an understandable manner! Thank you!

  5. Found you through Carolyn at Diary of a Sewing Fanatic. You have given me top envy! Now, am considering making this top. Thanks so much.

  6. The top is absolutely gorgeous! What I love about a wrap is when you gain weight you can wrap it around those extra pounds without altering it. Love the bow in the front. So beautiful.

    1. Absolutely! A wrap is very accommodating to weight fluctuations! Pull it tighter or tie it a bit looser! Such a classic piece. Thank you.

  7. Tee these are really cool sleeves! 4.25 yards for a top–wow! That’s a whole lotta fabric, but the impact is worth it. I’m glad you had a happy birthday. I think this fabric would make a great shirtdress.

    1. Yes, when I saw how much fabric, I was like whoa! Lol. Actually, I looked again the next size up from what I made requires 4.25 yards (size 16). I had 4 yards of fabric and had none to spare for anything else. It was so worth it! Thank you!

  8. Really cute fabric and top. I would sew View A and make some pants to go with it . the real question is slim leg or wide…

    1. Thank you…hmmm, that is a good question. I could see both, but I would probably go with slim pants. I like the look of having more volume on top paired with a slimmer look towards the bottom.

  9. Enamored! The first word that came to my mind when I saw you in this top! The irony of it all is that I just ordered M7627 during the McCalls online pattern sale earlier this week. The reason why I purchased the pattern was for the simple fact that I fell in love with View B too! I could not decide which fabric would suit it best though. I thought perhaps I’ll make it in a seersucker, but then I thought “well summer is just about ending and seersucker is really a summer fabric. You’ll need a fabric that will transition nicely into fall.” Voila!!Up pops your picture in my Pinterest feed and I knew automatically that that no other fabric would give this garment the type of sophistication, style, flirty-ness and appeal that I was looking for like this Chambray fabric from would. I must say that I was completely inspired not only by your creation, but by your words of encouragement too. “I feel so blessed and appreciative for every moment I have with my family, friends, and sewing machine.” MaggieElaine. At 54, I can only pray that one day I can inspire someone the way you have inspired me! Keep doing what you’re doing and slide into 49 with a glass of Champagne, continued grace and elegance!

  10. Hi Maggie, Love you version of this I would sew view C because I don’t have a enough upper to pull off you version which is AMAZING!! Would love to see your next version of this. Thanks for the chance for one of us to win.

  11. I was searching for DIY sewing sites and came across yours. I must admit it was truly a blessing. I read your sewing blog on the M7627 pattern. Which I purchased several months ago, but couldn’t decide which view to sew. Bam!!! then I saw the version you had chosen. I knew it was the one I have to make. I Love all thing “Big and Fluff” and this top sleeves was calling me!! Then I thought of how could I jazz up your version with cloth you chosen and the top style. First, I would use the fabric to make me a full circle skirt. I would draft it with 4 pieces to the skirt so it would stand out and flow and bounce as I walk. I would create exact blouse with the additions of the cuffs. Adding the cuffs would make them have the pouf that I love on my blouse. I was truly “Blessed” when I decided to subscribe to your blog. Keep doing what you do!

  12. I LOVE YOUR TOP and have STALKED your Insta story from the first day you started. I purchase a similar top from China and the FIT is HORRIBLE so when McCall came out with the pattern, I grabbed it.

    The fabric is oh so amazing and I would love to use it to create a simple PEPLUM top with a McCall pattern that was part of the Summer collection. I think you made the same top in BLUE a few months ago.

    Thanks for sharing explicit steps on your INSTA story and BLOG. I have learned so much from you the last few months of my sewing journey!! Love how you styled the top too.

    Marica (overdriveafter30)

  13. LOVE the fabric!! I have avoided wrap garments due to my “full” chest but this pattern looks as though there is sufficient wrap. If not, a simple fba would not be hard on this pattern. Beautiful top!

  14. Such awesome fabric! I feel like it would make a fun transitional garment too. I’d make the peplum top because it looks so flattering. I found your blogs thanks to mccalls Instagram and I love it!

  15. I love this top! It’s so versatile and can go from work to a girls brunch! Your clothes are always so well made and I’m impressed by the way you pair the right fabric with you patterns. I’m glad you are possting again!

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