Made By A Fabricista: DIY Vogue V8958/McCall’s M7098: Pink Panther


Hope you are well.  There use to be a time when I always made sure to have a few suits on hand for interviews, meetings, or work presentations.  Somewhere along the line I stopped buying suits and started wearing more “career separates”.  In other words less matchy-matchy 2-piece suits, and more blazers that could be worn with any coordinating skirt or pair of pants.  I never cared for wearing my 2-piece suits as separates.  I felt that if you wore one item more than the other, then that item would appear faded compared to the other piece from getting washed or dry cleaned more often. Career separates allowed me to mix and match my wardrobe without that worry.

Lately, I have become obsessed with menswear looks for women and matchy-matchy pant suits in prints and bright bold colors again.  When I saw this bold pink poly/lycra suiting, I figured it would be a good time to get going on making a few suits.  So let’s get into this week’s DIY look for Fabric Mart!

A pant suit and a shorts suit!

I used Vogue V8958 View D to make the blazer and McCall’s M7098 View C and E to make the pants and the shorts.  I believe both of these are out-of-print, but perhaps you can order them online or find them on E-Bay.

Image result for V8958

Image result for m7098

Check out my post on Fabric Mart’s blog (read here) to see how I interfaced my jacket and what book I used for tips!  Also, more pictures of the inside and other details!

I really like this fabric, it has a nice amount of stretch.  It is lightweight, so it is perfect for making a summer suit.  The color is described as watermelon pink and there is a small amount of this fabric left (click here).  This fabric also seems similar (click here).  I plan to make another suit, perhaps with a different sewing pattern, in this gorgeous tomato red fabric (click here).  The content is poly/lycra/rayon and something called tricotine.  It feels so soft and will make a great suit!  As of today, suiting is currently 60% off at Fabric Mart, so don’t miss out.

This blazer has center seam pockets and I really like the length of the jacket.  The shape of the lapels are so gorgeous and really the star of this blazer.

I think the pattern design for the bottoms is really cool.  I love the center seam that runs along the front and back of the shorts and pants.  For the pants, I cut off 2 inches of the length and then hemmed them at an inch and a quarter.  I wanted them to hit near my ankle.  I hemmed the shorts at an inch and a quarter per the pattern.  I used a big gold button instead of an hook and eye on both.  I am going to send this to the dry cleaners for a really good press!

That’s all I have for this week.  Have a great week!

Yours truly, Tee
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14 thoughts on “Made By A Fabricista: DIY Vogue V8958/McCall’s M7098: Pink Panther

  1. When I saw pink I knew it would be something summery and cute. Without fail it was! We use to call these types of suits 3 piece weekenders. Great job!

  2. You truly have a talent for this Tee. This is a beautiful suit! From the color of the suit, to fact that you made it a pant/short suit, to the beauty in the detail from head to toe. Stunning…….

  3. I love the lapels on that jacket and the color is so perfect for you! I always struggle to get the length of shorts right in proportion to my height but you nailed it. And the drape of that fabric is just right!

  4. I’m with you on the mix and match separates–it gives you so many more options! I love the tuxedo lapel, and what a great look with the shorts. This color is perfect on you too Tee!

  5. You look great in all that pink, Im always impressed with the outfits you make.
    Keep up the great work.

    Barbara T
    from Hancocks

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